Welcome to Fassfields

Troy - Gonegos Karoly at Fassfields    Hips 6/3

Troy Pendle 2010

He is a complete pleasure to have both around the home and the field.

Training With Roy 2009
Troy was the first Wirehaired Vizsla to join our home at the age of 8 weeks in May 2007. An absolute bundle of energy and Joy.

Troy is a truly loyal companion and has fantastic ability to hunt, with a tremendous nose for game. From a very very young age Troy was able to seek out, hunt and point quail effortlessly.

Troy Balmoral 2008

Troy regularly attends Gundog Training Classes both in Yorkshire and Lancashire and is a very welcomed member of the team on the shoots in the Trough of Bowland, on both Grouse and Pheasant days.

"Life without Wires........................ I don't think so!"