Welcome to Fassfields

We are thrilled and so very proud to have our two new wonderful additions to join our kennel!!!

A very special welcome - meet Leroy and Brodie.

Fassfields Kit Fisto & Fassfields Queen Jamillia.

Quite simply put - we just couldn't bear to part with them.....................

We are delighted to announce the very safe arrival of Saffy's puppies,
sired by Bayside Brokk of Lanokk ShCM,
born 24 April 2012.

We have 5 wonderful girls and 2 wonderful boys!

Meet the family, 4 days old!

Meet Pongo - one of the boys!

This is Dolly at just 1 day old!

Puppies 4 days old!

Meet Ruby, Floss and Hutch at 4 days old!

Meet Coco & Candy 6 days old!

7 little puppies 7 days old!!!!!

3 peas in a pod! 7 days old!

Meet Ruby, Floss and Hutch at 8 days old!

Some feeding...... some sleeping.... such a hard life at 10 days old!

Eyes are opening and we are starting to play!!! We can also make quite a noise too!!!!!

3 weeks old now and starting to get quite entertaining!!!!! Lots more fun to come yet!

4 weeks old and enjoying lots of new and exciting things! Fun, Fun, Fun all the way........

5 weeks old and boy are things getting hectic!!!! All great fun!!!!!!!

6 weeks old and these tiny puppies have grown into little dogs overnight!!!!!

7 weeks old and some will be leaving the nest very soon now!!!!!

We wish all of our puppies and their owners a truly wonderful and exciting life together and we look forward to the updates along the way!!!

A key to help you with who's who!!!!!!!!

We will keep you updated of this very special litter and hope you share the joy with us at Fassfields!

"Life without Wires - I don't think so......................"