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D.O.B 24 April 2012

Leroy training on Grouse Moors - always at his best when on the moors

Leroy profile image

Leroy profile image

Leroy profile image

Leroy is the most devoting of dogs offering so much love and affection along with sensitivity that only this breed can display. From a very early age he soon became my little guardian angel and he is never far from my side. Leroy is a pleasure to train as he watches, learns and puts into practice with ease all that he is taught. He is growing into a super dog who loves his outdoor gundog world already. All this combined with such a gentle loving nature. Leroy really loves to work for his owner and is only happy when he is pleasing you. We have great hopes for the future of this young man.

Leroy 11 Weeks Leroy Leroy

"Life without Wires........................ I don't think so!"